Week in Review: 100th Day of School

Poem: Red Means Stop
Sight words: go, for

Reading: This week students learned about a new word family; -am word family. We wrote out a list of am words together and used am words to rhyme and blend as well. For the 100th day of school we also had a new poem that we counted the letters. The kids were so surprised to find out that there were actually 100 letters!! 

Rhyming is a big skill that we hit this week. Students are expected to listen to a word and produce a word that rhymes. For example if a student hears the word dog, the student should say log, hog, fog, or another -og word. Students also can practice by matching words that sound the same.

How can you help at home? Practice rhyming words with your child. This can be a tricky skill at first. Seeing the word can help with rhyming too. Our work with word families has focused on chunking letters and changing the beginning sound. Make some simple word cards and have your child match the rhyming words. Read and practice the cards together.

Writing: Our writing mechanics lesson for the week focused on nouns. We watched a catchy video which explained what nouns are, then we completed a chart together as a class listing different nouns that we know. After listing different nouns, we labeled our expert list with a "N" for noun.

This week we dove further into informational writing. After reviewing the planning page last week, students completed a planning page together with the teacher modeling. They were also able to choose their own topic this week too! After choosing a topic, students verbally planned their writing with a partner before actually writing down their facts. The planning process will help students understand the aspects that they must include in their books.

On the 100th day of school students completed a special writing activity. We used the Aging Booth app to make pictures of ourselves at 100 years old. Using these pictures we then wrote out something that we hope to be able to do when we're 100 years old. 

Math: We finished our story of's with 10 on Monday. On Thursday we reviewed a few ways to make numbers 6-10. This week we also did a lot of learning surrounded with the 100th day of school. Tuesday, we went on a QR code hunt around the room, Each QR code had a number that students would color in on their 100's chart. At the end students found a special hidden message! On Wednesday, we went on hershey kiss hunt! Each kiss had a number on the bottom in which students had to then match the number on the hundred's chart. 

Content: Other fun activities that took place during the week included a 100's day snack. Students took turns counting out 10 pieces of 10 different snacks. At the end it totaled 100 items that they were able to munch on!

We also completed a 100 gumball craft. Students cut out the pieces and put the gumball together, then used q-tips to paint 100 dots (gumballs).

Students also spent time writing words throughout the week. The objective was to write 100 words around the room. Students spent a little bit of time each day throughout the week to accumulate words in their book. 

Reading: Students will...
-learn about syllables.

Writing: Students will...
-write informational books. 
-learn about fact and opinion. 

Math: Students will...
-learn about 10's and 1's and how to show numbers 11-19. 

Content: Students will...
Be continuing their polar animals unit. Instead of an emphasis on penguins we will dig deeper into an understanding of polar bears. Keep tuned in for our upcoming experiment!

Upcoming Events:
 January 25: MME night at Wea Pizza King 4:30-8pm
February 11: MME Fitness Night
February 15: President's Day - No School - Make-up day for days missed through  1/29
February 25: Kindergarten - ABC's of Ag @ McCutcheon
February 26: Movie Night (K-2)

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