Week in Review: Thanksgiving

Poem: Turkey in the Barnyard

Reading: This week our comprehension strategy was: Relate a story to a personal experience. During the week we read "The Stuffed Turkey" and then shared about our thanksgiving experiences when we went to other people's houses and ate too much food.

We spent the week reviewing the -at and -ot word families. We did this by rolling a dice and reading the word that it landed on. This helps us recognize words in previous word families, but it also allows us to practice blending sounds in CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words. This helps us become better readers.

We also spent time reviewing sight words. This week we practiced by scanning QR codes that had a voice recording of a sight word, then students looked to match up the QR code with the written word.

Writing: This week we talked about what makes writing easy and hard to read. Students were shown 2 examples, one example that was easy to read and one that was hard to read. We discussed the differences and went through things that we needed to make sure were included in our writing.

Math: This week we reviewed number formation and practiced writing our numbers 0-20. We practiced using dry ease boards and shaving cream! After hearing a number said aloud students would write that number. This is a 2nd nine weeks skill that will be tested before winter break.

Our math vocabulary word this week was hexagon. Students were familiar with this word when we studied 2D shapes during the first nine weeks.

We also introduced a new app this week: Number Line. Students grab a bag of addition flash cards. Then they write the addition sentence in the app and use the number line to find the answer. After using the number line, students then check their answer on the back.

Content: This week we studied the Thanksgiving holiday. Students disguised turkeys to fool the farmer so they wouldn't be dinner on thanksgiving. On Monday we shared the different disguises! We made turkeys with the -ot word family on the feathers. We also had our thanksgiving day feast and had turkey placemats that we wrote our sight words on.


Reading: Students will...
-learn and practice reading/spelling words in the -ap word family.
-summarize stories.
-review making a mental image.

Writing: Students will...
-learn about ending marks. Learn the different marks and identify them in sentences. Students are encouraged to use a variety of ending marks in their writing if it makes sense.
-learn how to reread their writing and fix errors in their writing.

Math: Students will...
-sort by size. We will review sorting by color and shape as well.

Content: Students will...
-read about the gingerbread man! We will go on a hunt and read many different varieties of this great story!

Upcoming Events:
November 30: Food Drive
December 4: PMO Show
December 8: Barnes and Nobles Night
December 16: Christmas Program
December 18: End of the nine weeks

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