Week in Review: Pilgrims/Native Americans

Poem: Oh Rainbow Fair
Sight Words: now, are

Reading: This week we introduced a new comprehension strategy: respond to questions about the story. This is an important strategy that you can practice at home when reading with your child. Ask questions like, Who is in the story? Where are the characters? What happened on the last page? We practiced the strategy throughout the week and even practiced with a partner. When reading a story I would stop periodically and I would have student turn to person next to them and ask them a question. The other person would have to respond to their question.

Writing: We have been working on writing our own true stories. We started the week off my brainstorming things that we could write about. Our list included things like playing baseball, going grocery shopping with mom, getting a new pet, etc. Then I modeled how to choose a topic from the list and begin writing my own true story. Each true story needs to have the following: who is in the story, where you are in your story, and what you are doing in your story with a beginning, middle, and end. I chose to write about going to my nephew Noah's 4th birthday party. Below are the pages that I modeled for the class. Upon finishing their stories, students are encouraged to upload their story to Book Creator and send it to me through Showbie.

We also talked about using meatball spaces in our writing. This helps our writing look neat and makes it easy to read. Students have sticks they can use for meatball spaces as they're writing.

Math: This week we worked in addition within 5. We added a new choice to math by myself and a new choice to math with someone. At math by myself students sit near the story of posters and use the number bracelets to write down the story of's on their paper. For math with someone students show their partner addition flash cards. Students can use a number line or cubes to figure out the answer until they become more fluent.

Content: This week we learned about pilgrims and Native Americans. We watched videos, read books, and worked on crafts throughout the week. One day we used a Venn diagram to discuss the difference between pilgrims then and what we do now. For example pilgrims would trade for things, now we buy things when we need them. On Friday we talked about how Squanto taught the pilgrims how to fish and grow food. We then thought about what we could teach a friend and wrote that down on our Indian corn craft.

Reading: Students will...
- review the -ot and -at word families.
- relate a story to a personal experience.

Writing: Students will...
- discuss the importance of starting a sentence with a capital letter (and no other capitals).
- discuss/show what makes writing easy and hard to read.

Math: Students will...
- review and practice writing numbers 0-20.

Content: Students will...
- learn about and celebrate Thanksgiving.

Upcoming Events:
November 26 & 27: Thanksgiving Break
December 4: PMO Christmas Show
December 7: Penguin Patch
December 16: K/1 Christmas Program
December 21: Christmas Break

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