Week in Review: Owls/Nocturnal Animals

Poem: Overdues
Sight Words: what, you

Reading: This week we worked on the strategy: Make a Mental Picture. Students do this by listening to the story and predicting what they think the picture looks like without actually seeing the picture. They love this strategy because they like to check and see if what they thought the picture looked like was right.

This week we learned about the -at word family. We wrote a list of all the words that end with -at, went on a word hunt, and also found -at words in a word search.

We also introduced the new Work on Writing page. When students make this choice during Daily 5, they grab this page and a book from their bookbox and start creating. Students are to choose one book from their bookbox and write about the main character. They write about and draw the setting (where the character is). Then they use words to describe the character and draw a picture of the character. 

Writing: This week we continued writing true stories. As a class we wrote another true story, this time about our special, P.E. We used the True Story chart to review the things we needed in our true story. These things include: who is in our story, where we are, and what happened. We talked about writing our stories and not forgetting to write a beginning, middle, and end. At the end of the week students used the app Book Creator to upload their story. They then sent their story to me through Showbie.

We also talked about how to be a smarty speller. To be a smarty speller we start by saying the word slowly like a turtle, then we stretch out each sound like a snake. After we have said the word slowly and stretched it out, then we write the sounds we hear. We practiced stretching words out and added the goal to the board.

Math: This week we introduced number bonds and number bracelets after learning about the Stories of 1-5. This is just another way to help kiddos understand the concept of addition.

This week students also scanned QR codes that told them about a shape. They had to use the description to draw the 2D shape and then write the shape name.

We have also made Math Writing a choice. Students start by writing the math vocabulary word in their math journal, draw a picture of the word, and describe the word. Then on the back they do the number of the day. When they are finished in their math journal they begin working on another number page.

Content: We continued our nocturnal animal unit this week. We started by talking about owls and completed a can, have, are chart. Throughout the week we sorted animal pictures into diurnal and nocturnal, made a video of nocturnal animal facts, and completed an owl craft.


Reading: Students will...
- learn the -ot word family.
- practice the strategy: Respond to questions about the story.
- retell the story in order by telling the beginning, middle, and end.

Writing: Students will...
- begin writing their own true stories. When they're finished they will upload their stories to Book Creator.

Math: Students will...
- begin addition within 5.

Content: Students will...
- learn about Pilgrims and Native Americans in preparation for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Upcoming Events:
November 19: Parent University 
November 26 & 27: Thanksgiving Break
December 4: PMO Christmas Show 
December 16: K/1 Christmas Program @ 7:00
December 21: Christmas Break

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