Week in Review: Bats

Poem: My Eyes Can See
Sight Words: my, with

Reading: This week we introduced a new comprehension strategy: Compare and Contrast. To introduce this strategy we talked about something they all know a lot about; donuts and cupcakes. We use the words "alike" and "different" as we discuss what we know about the two. After understanding what the strategy means, we then begin to use the strategy. We do this by comparing characters/parts within a story, and we compared 2 different stories. We used a venn diagram and the app "popplet" to show comparisons and differences.

We also practiced blending words. We did this verbally by listening to the onset and rhyme (ex. /b/ ag ... bag) and by sounding out CVC words with the app ABC magic spelling. This is a skill that helps us when we are reading and writing.

Writing: This week we introduced true stories. We discussed how true stories are when we write about something that really happened to us. We write our true stories in a 3 page book, where we make sure to include who is in our story, where they are, and what happened. This week we worked as a class on the same story. After modeling how each page should look, students went back and wrote the same thing in their own 3 page book. We decided to write about Grandparent's Day which took place last Friday. On Friday we worked on recording our story in the app Book Creator. The finished products were so good!

Math: This week we introduced "Story Ofs". This is when we talk about the different ways to make a number 1-5. We use our fingers and other math manipulatives to show this visually. After completing each poster, we review the different ways. This will help kiddos as we introduce number bonds next week and addition.

Content: We know so much more about bats after this week! We started the week by reading informational stories about bats and completing a popplet. We listed all the things we knew about bats. Then we charted whether we thought bats were cute or creepy. With that information we filled in individual papers documenting the information we gathered as a class. We also read Stellaluna and compared and contrasted bats and birds. 


Reading: Students will...
-continue using the strategy: Use a mental picture.
-learn and practice reading words in the -at word family.

Writing: Students will...
-continue writing true stories by writing a true story that matches the teacher. They will review the 3 pages of the story: who is in the story, where the characters are, and what happened.

Math: Students will...
- use number bracelets and number bonds to show the different ways to make numbers 1-5.

Content: Students will...
- continue learning about different nocturnal animals including owls.

Upcoming Events:
November 26 & 27: Fall Break

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