Week in Review: Pumpkins

Poem: We Can
Sight Word: we

Reading: This week we focused on identifying characters within a story. We discussed who characters are and made an anchor chart together using pictures of our favorite storybook characters.

We also worked on identifying beginning and ending sounds in words.

It was so much fun to use the iPads during reading this week too. We used one of our vocabulary words, job, to create a document on educreations. Students took a picture of someone in the office and came back to the room to finish. They labeled their job with beginning sounds and recorded themselves explaining their job. This interactive task was so much fun for the kiddos.

Writing: We finally started Writer's Workshop this week! We talked about what Writer's Workshop looked liked and sounded like while making our smiley face chart. After discussing how writer's workshop goes each day, we then talked about other writing tools we might need and resources found around the room. This week we brainstormed a list of things we can write about and started by drawing a picture and labeling the picture with the beginning sound.

Math: This week in math we introduced our first math vocabulary word: sort. We talked about the word sort and how it meant putting things that are the same together. We used Christian and Abby as an example and explained if we were sorting by gender they would be in different groups because Christian is a boy and Abby is a girl. We practiced sorting by color one day and shape during mini lessons and added "Sort by Color" to math by myself.

Content: We learned all about pumpkins! We started the week by using the app educreations to list all of the things we know about pumpkins. We then colored pictures of the lifecycle of a pumpkin and made a lifecycle mobile. On Friday we read, "Spookley, the Square Pumpkin", and the kiddos made different shaped pumpkins. What a fun week!

Field Trip: We went on our first field trip to the pumpkin patch this week! On Wednesday we went to Exploration Acres and got to pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. This was a great trip since we spent the week learning about pumpkins. Not only did the kids go to the pumpkin patch there were corn mazes and other fun activities to do.


Reading: Students will...
-clap words in a sentence.
-discuss setting and identify the setting in stories.
-blend 3 letter words and identify middle sounds.

Writing: Students will...
-add more to their picture.
-write an "I like" sentence using a beginning sound for the item they like. (ex. I like p. For the sentence I like pizza.)
-practice using shapes to draw pictures.

Math: Students will...
-begin choosing Math with Someone as a choice.

Content: Students will...
-talk about community helpers and explore all the different community helpers out there. Students will be given the opportunity to make their own community helper and share with their class. There will be a variety of community helpers who will come and talk to the kids about their job and how they help others.

Upcoming Events:
October 9: K-2 Movie Night
October 13: MME Pink Walrus Night
October 19 & 21: Parent/Teacher Conferences
October 22: Awards Program

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