Week in Review: Community Helpers

Poem: Here Are My Eyes
Sight Word: can

Reading: This week we worked on identifying the setting in a story. The setting is WHERE the characters are. We are working on being detailed and not just saying the characters were inside or outside, but outside at the park, in a classroom at a school, or in the kitchen at the house.

We also worked on identifying the middle sound. This requires students to stretch out words and say each sound slowly. We used picture cards to practice this skill as well as an educreation project that the teachers made. The kids did great whole group on this tough skills.

We also worked on retelling a story. We used picture cards from our reading series to retell the story, "Please Puppy Please". The kids did a great job of remembering what happened 1st, 2nd. 3rd, and last.

Writing: This week we moved on from labeling to writing an "I like" sentence. On Friday we introduced adding a "I see" sentence. Students use the sight words "I like" then write the beginning sound for what they drew in their picture. My picture was of the pumpkin patch, so I modeled this skill by writing, "I like p."

Math: We added Math with Someone this week during math. We started by adding the Shape Race Game as an option to do with a friend. For this game students have a board with pieces to move from each space. They pull out a shape and then move their piece the number of sides for that shape. They take turns until someone has reached the finish line.

We also added a choice to Math by Myself that was counting out a set number of objects. Students had a few cards 2-10 and counters. They had to pull out a card and count out that many with the counters.

Content: This week we focused on community helpers. Students share their "What I Want to Be" person during the week and we had a few community helpers come and visit our school! On Friday we made our craft with our picture and a community helper body. On the white background we drew the setting (which we have been working on) for where that community helper would be to do their job.

Homework Club was celebrated once again for the month of September! Remember if your child completes ALL their homework for the month they get to eat lunch in the classroom, while watching a movie! Homework includes: coloring the pages and circling the sight word on EVERY page in the sight word book, having a parent sign every night on the poem, and completing the sight word page.


Reading: Students will...
-learn about and point out text features in books.
-identify fiction and nonfiction.
-produce middle sounds.

Writing: Students will...
-Use a/the in their sentence. (ex. I see a __.)
-Write 2 sentences on a page.
-Use beginning and ending sounds for unknown words.

Math: Students will...
-be recognizing and working with numbers 11-20.

Content: Students will...
-be talking about fire safety. Please look on Monday for the fire escape plan that will be sent home with your child. This needs to be returned by Thursday so students can share with the class what they discovered about fire safety at their home!

Upcoming Events:
-October 13: Pink Walrus Night
-October 19 & 21: Parent Teacher Conferences
-October 22: Awards Program

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