Week in Review: Mo Willems

Poem: Stretching Fun

Sight Word: and

Reading: Students reviewed letter sounds this week through a variety of lessons. We used the letter mat and whatever letter the ball landed on, that student had to produce the letter sound for that letter. We also played alphabet BINGO. I read the letter sound and students used their knowledge to find and cover the letter on their board.

We also worked on a new reading strategy: Do the pictures and words match? This is when students are reading making sure that the word they are reading is correct by checking the picture to make sure they match. For example if the story reads, "I see the horse" and the student reads "I see the house", realizing that the picture is of a horse and then correcting their reading. This helps with students' accuracy and comprehension.

We also talked about reality vs. fantasy. We watched a rap video and completed a chart together. Students learned that reality is when something is real and fantasy is about something that isn't real. An easy way for us to remember fantasy is fake and reality is real. Students then practiced categorizing books into stacks of fantasy and reality.

Writing: This week students learned about and practiced writing the letters Hh, Vv, Yy, Ww, and Xx. For Hh students made a house with shapes glued to and around the bubble letter H. For Vv we talked about volcanoes and students colored the eruption to the "v"olcano on their page. Students glued yarn to the y and made a worm for w. We finished the week with Xx, where students made a xylophone. It turned out to be a successful and fun week in writing!

Math: This week we focused on numbers 5-8. We continued with Number of the Day where students are practicing skills on their individual dry erase board as I am modeling each step on the easel. We also introduced Math by Myself. This is our first choice during Daily 3 Math that students can choose to work independently during the round. During this time students can choose to make shapes using the geoboards or they can practice writing numbers on the dry erase board. Math by Myself will be one of 3 choices students have during their rounds of math.

Content: This week students studied the author Mo Willems. He is known for his books titled "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus", Elephant and Piggie "We Are in a Book!", and many others. We opened the week with watching a short video clip about Mo. We learned about him as a author and what characters he really enjoyed creating. We then made a predictable chart of things that we didn't want the pigeon to drive. With that chart we completed our Pigeon hand print craft. We also made our own pigeons with empty toilet paper rolls. We had so much fun with our author study this week!

Student of the Week: This was the first week for "Student of the Week". Please make sure to look in your child's folder on Fridays to see if they are the Student of the Week for the next week. Lukas was thrilled to be the focus this week!


Reading: Students will...
-practice producing ending sounds in words. (ex. cat /t/, dog /g/)
-listen with understanding (new comprehension strategy).
-retell stories (what happened in the beginning, middle, and end).
-review all letter sounds.

Writing: Students will..
-write letters Kk and Zz.
-review letters that we have already learned through fun, interactive lessons.

Math: Students will...
-recognize numbers 0-20

Content: Students will...
-be learning all about apples next week. We will be labeling an apple and investigating an apple of our own. Please make sure your child brings an apple with them to school on/by Thursday. 

Upcoming Events:
September 30: Field Trip to Exploration Acres
October 9: K-2 Movie Night
October 9: End of the 1st 9 weeks

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