Week in Review: Families

Poem: Higglety, Pigglety, Pop!
Sight Word: the

Reading: This week for reading we introduced a new choice called Word Work. We completed an I-Chart together as we discussed what we need to do during that choice. With having that choice, we practiced the different options within Word Work. Those choices so far include dry erase boards, magna doodles, and playdoh.

We also talked about print concepts and used books to find certain parts including:

-the title

-title page

-front of the book

-back of the book

-where to begin reading

-point to a word; point to a letter

-word by word matching

Word by word matching is an important strategy to use especially in kindergarten. This is when students use their finger to point to each word when they are reading. This helps them keep track of where they are in the sentence as well as helping to identify words that they are reading.

We also learned how to identify the beginning sound in a word. Students listen to a word that is said aloud and produce the beginning sound. Students also identify what the beginning letter is and match the magnetic letter to the picture card.

Writing: We spent the week continuing to write letters of the alphabet. We focused this week on letters Jj, Qq, Uu, Ss, and Bb. After learning about each of these letters and writing each letter we worked on fun activities that went along with each letter. We made Jellyfish crafts for Jj. We painted with Q-tips for the letter Qq. We decorated underwear for the letter Uu. We made snakes for the letter Ss. On Friday we used pipe cleaners to make a capital and lowercase b.

Math: This week in math we focused on 2D shapes. We completed a chart together as a class that listed each shape, the number of sides and corners, and listed a few real life examples of that shape. We used toothpicks and marshmallows to make shapes one day. This was a favorite of course because they could eat the marshmallows after! We also used shapes to make pictures. First we used tangram pictures to help us with ideas, then the next day we used shapes to make our own pictures.

Content: This week we spent time talking about families and getting to know the families that are apart of our room this year! We started the week by working on a family tree map as a whole group on Monday. We shared family photos later in the week and we learned about the fun things our families like to do together. On Friday we made a glyph that represented the people that live in our house with us. We learned all about our families this week!



Students will...

-explore new choices for Word Work.

-learn how to check for understanding while reading.

-match words with the same beginning sounds.


Students will...

-continue working on writing and recognizing letters of the alphabet. The letters for next week include


Students will...

-begin working with numbers 1-10 by completing an All About __. For each number students will write the number, show it on a tens frame, draw a picture, show it on a number line, and make a dice with that number.


Students will...

-be reviewing their colors and learning fun songs to remember how to spell each color word. We will use fun stories to reinforce our knowledge of colors including Pete the Cat "I Love My White Shoes".

Next week have your child wear these colors on the specific day:

Tuesday: Blue Day

Wednesday: Green Day

Thursday: Yellow Day

Friday: Purple Day

Upcoming Events:

September 7: Labor Day NO SCHOOL

September 9: PAC Meeting 3:45

September 16: School Pictures

September 30: Field Trip to Exploration Acres (more info to come)

October 9: End of 9 weeks

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