Week in Review: Apples

Poem: Down by the Station
Sight word: see

Reading: This week students worked on identifying the ending sound in words. We had previously worked on beginning sounds but now are working on ending sounds which can be tricky for some students. We did this through a variety of activities including rolling a dice that landed on a picture. Students then had to produce the ending sound for that word.

We also introduced a new comprehension strategy that was Listen with Understanding. This strategy means that students are actively listening to a story and is able to listen and comprehend what the reader is reading. We practiced this strategy while listening to read aloud during reading and other times during the day.

This was the first week for reading vocabulary! Each week we will read a story that has 6 new vocabulary words that are new to students. We discuss the meaning of each word prior to reading and while reading students are asked to cup their ear when they hear one of those words. (This is also practicing Listen with Understanding.)

Writing: This week we finished our handwriting. We finished with letters Kk and Zz. For k we made crowns for our k kings and for the letter Zz we made z zebras. We've had fun with our letter of the day but are very excited to get started writing narratives next week!

Math: In math this week we worked on recognizing numbers 0-20. We did this through watching a video and playing SWAT IT. This is a very important skill that you're child will need to master before being able to successfully move on to more challenging skills.

Content: This week we studied apples. We read many apples stories, completed an apple tree map, used apples to complete our class graph, and completed our apple plate craft. For our plate craft we started by painting a paper plate red. Then we completed the "apples are" paper as a class. Some of the things we put in our list were: juicy, red, green, sweet, sour, and yummy. After completed students glued this on their plate and made finishing touches to make it look like an apple.

Student of the Week: This week Christian was our Student of the Week! He shared his All About Me poster and lots more! He also had his sister, Sophia, come to read his favorite book to the class. We loved getting to know Christian this week!

Behavior Celebration: This week we had our 2nd behavior celebration. The mascot from the Colts team, Blue, came to our school for our fun and exciting show. He shared the importance of eating breakfast every morning, being a good friend, and working hard. The kiddos loved his dance moves and his enthusiasm. 


Reading: Students will...
-name characters in a story.
-learn how to use a QR code to listen to reading.
-review beginning and ending sounds in words.

Writing: Students will...
-begin writer's workshop.
-discuss writing topics and how to choose a topic to write about.

Math: Students will...
-sort objects by color.
-sort objects by shape.
-be introduced to position words and show when something is above, below, in front of, behind, next to, beside, to the right/left.

Content: Students will...
-be learning all about pumpkins! In conjunction with our field trip we will explore pumpkins and learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin.

Upcoming Events:
September 30: Field Trip to Exploration Acres
October 9: End of 1st 9 weeks
October 9: K-2 Movie Night

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