Week in Review: Fire Safety

Poem: Here Are My Eyes
Sight Word: can

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Reading: This week we introduced a new comprehension strategy: Identify the Setting. We first talked about how the setting is where the characters are. We want to be specific and not just say outside and inside. This week when reading fire safety books we identified the setting by asking, "Where were the characters in the story?". When reading stories at home at your child to identify the setting after reading.

We also spent time during the week to review letter sounds. We played "Who Let the Letters Out" and each student had a magnetic letter to put in the house when the letter and sound was called. We also reviewed letter sounds by listening to a song and held up the letter card when we heard the letter and sound. On Thursday we finished up our review week by fishing for magnetic letters. When a student "caught" a letter the class then said the letter sound.

We also added special reading spots during Read to Self. We have the big comfy pink chair and the library which has a blue plush rug and pillows to prop up on. It makes reading a good book more comfortable and enjoyable!

Writing: During Writer's Workshop we discussed the setting and adding detail to our background. We practiced using shapes to help with our pictures to show where our story is taking place. As a whole class we practiced drawing a house and using shapes to draw a sunny day with a tree, sun, and grass. We even added a cloud and a bird flying in the sky. We also briefly talked about using beginning and ending sounds when writing words that aren't sight words. We are encouraging students to now start using more sounds to write unknown words when writing.

Math: This week during math we introduced our last choice; Math with Someone. We first introduced a game called "The Shape Race Game". When playing this game students take turns drawing a shape card and then count the number of sides the shape has. The number of sides the shape has is how many spaces the student can move on the game board. The student who reaches the finish line first wins. This is great game to review 2D shapes and reinforcing students to recall characteristics about each shape. After practicing the "Shape Race Game", as a class we made our I-Chart for Math with Someone.

We also added a new choice at Number Work this week. Student have a deck of cards with numbers 2-10 and counters. They are to draw a card from the deck and use the counters to count out to that number. This is practicing 1:1 correspondence in which students will need to be able to count out 20 objects by December.

Content: This week we talked all about fire safety. On Monday we watched a video and learned a lot about firefighters and fire safety from Firefighter Dan. From information we learned from him we made a list of important fire safety tips to remember in case of a fire. We also used shapes to make a fire truck on Tuesday and on Wednesday we added more detail to our fire trucks. We finished the week by making our fire safety dog. Hanging from each of our dogs were 3 fire rules to keep in mind. We learned so much about how to stay safe in case of a fire. Make sure that you talk about a fire plan at home in case there is a fire.

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