Week in Review: Apples

Poem: We Can
Sight Word: we

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The new CAFE strategy that we introduced this week was "Name the Characters". During the year we will learn about common elements including character, setting, and plot. Learning about these elements help us comprehend what we are reading. This week we focused on characters. Characters can be people, animals, or creatures that the story is about.

How can you help your child with this strategy at home?
- When reading a story with your child, discuss the character. Begin by asking who the story is about.
- Have your child describe the character in detail. Describing what the character(s) does and how the character is important to the story.
- Ask your child to come up with another character that would fit in the story.

We also worked on beginning and ending sounds. We used picture cards as well as an app that the kids loved using during whole group. We also talked about letters, words, and sentences. Each kiddo had a card and had to determine if it was a letter, a word, or a sentence.

Writing: This week we focused on using shapes to draw our pictures. Sometimes it can be difficult to draw certain pictures so we practiced using shapes as a way to make our pictures. We also started writing two sentences to go with our pictures using sight words and beginning sounds for unknown words.

Math: This week we continued to work with numbers 1-20, sorting objects by color, and using positional terms. We introduced a new math by myself choice using manipulatives to sort by color. After sorting the objects by color, students are to count how many objects are in each color. We also started Number of the Day. We first roll a dice and then show that number in a variety of ways; write the number, write the number word, make a picture, draw the dice, make a tally, and show the number on a number line.

Content: We spent the week learning and talking about apples. We learned about Johnny Appleseed, learned about the parts of an apple and labeled an apple diagram, investigated our own apples, and completed an apple craft describing apples.

We had our first homework club celebration on Friday. The kids had a blast eating lunch in the room. Hoping that we have even more kiddos in the homework club for the month of October!

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