Week in Review: August 13

We have finished our first week back to school! We learned all of the rules and procedures that we will follow throughout the year and met some really great friends!

We discussed the 3 ways to read on the first day of school. We talked about how to read the pictures, read the words, and retell the story. We all know how to read because we can read the pictures to any story.

 Read to self was introduced and we worked on our
stamina during daily 5 reading. After making our read to self I-chart we practiced reading the books in our book box.

During writing we introduced zoo phonics and watched a short video that talked about each zoo phonics character. We learned the motions and sounds to all the letters and will continue to practice them at school.

During math we explored math tubs. This was a chance for everyone to become familiar with the manipulatives that we will use throughout the year during math. We also counted the number of letters in our name during math. Then, we charted our results up on the board. We had lots of names with 6 letters.

We also talked about how to be an active listener during our morning meeting. Together we made a chart with what an active listener looks like and sounds like. We practiced being active listeners and many kiddos moved their clip up for being an active listener later in the day!

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