Week in Review: All About Me

-Sight Word: I
-Poem: I Clap My Hands

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Our new strategy this week was "retell familiar stories". We start very basic by stating what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Later we will introduce a retelling rope and talk about the characters, setting, problem, and solution. Help your child at home by pulling out a book you have read before and ask them to tell you about it. Ask them what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story. We also practiced building our stamina while reading to self. We made it to 12 minutes of reading!

This week we have been writing many letters of the alphabet and holding our pencil the right way. We will continue with our handwriting pages until we have completed all 26 letters! We also completed our first writing prompt for the year. This writing prompt will be compared to later prompts and used to see the progress each student makes in their writing. The prompt this week was to write and draw about something that you love. We first brainstormed ideas then went out and independently worked on the prompt.

This week we learned how to write numbers 1-10. We recited our number formation poems and practiced writing all numbers 1-10. We also played a new game called "SWAT IT". Two students come up to the white board and try to to swat at the given number first. Be sure to have your child practice writing their numbers at home. Make it fun and be creative! Have them make numbers with play doh, write them with crayons or markers, or have them write them in shaving cream on the table.

This week we learned all about our classmates. Students shared their All About Me project with the class. Each student was able to share their favorite color, food, book, toy, and their favorite thing to do. On Friday we used real colors to finish a self portrait of ourselves.

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