Week in Review: ABC's

Poem: ABC's
Sight Word: like

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Reading: The new cafe strategy that we worked on this week was "Good Fit Books". On Monday we talked about wearing appropriate shoes for special occasions. We would not wear our house slippers to go outside and build a snowman just like we wouldn't wear mom's high heel shoes to gym. This is similar to reading appropriate books. In kindergarten we are learning to read and would not be able to read chapter books. When choosing good fit books we use the IPICK method.
I- I pick a book
P- Purpose (Why am I reading this book?)
I- Interest (Am I interested in this book? Do I like it?)
C- Comprehend (Do I understand what I read?)
K- Know (Do I know most of the words?)

On Monday we had the opportunity to choose a good fit book to add to our book box. We looked for a book that we thought looked interesting.

This week we also worked on recognizing and identifying letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make. We learned a song called "Who Let the Letters Out" that helped us practice the alphabet sounds throughout the week. We also introduced choice and students can choose to go to work on writing or read to self during each rotation of reading. Work on writing is spent drawing a picture and writing about our favorite part of the story that we're reading. Students use the pencil pouch in their book box to complete their writing.

Writing: We continued writing letters of the alphabet this week. We used pencils and markers to trace the letters each day. Before writing each letter we watch at short video that reviews the letter name, sound, and lots of words that begin with that letter. Encourage your child to continue writing letters at home.

Math: This week we introduced 2D shapes and explored with shapes all week. The five 2D shapes we learn about are circle, square, rectangle, triangle, and hexagon. We used manipulatives and play doh to trace the outside of each shape. We also used paints to trace the outside of the shape. We also met the shape monster and named the shapes that he ate for lunch!

Content: This week we focused on the alphabet and did lots of activities that went with that theme. On Friday we used Chicka Chicka Boom Boom as inspiration for our craft. The students had to write our name and count the number of letters in their name.

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