Week in Review: March 10

Reading: This week we talked about the characters within stories. Instead of just stating who the characters are; we analyzed the characters and discussed how they changed throughout the story. We also introduced big books as a choice while reading with someone. Each kiddo can get one big book if they choose read to someone. It is the perfect size to share while seething EEKK with your buddy. We also had lots of kiddos move up a level on RAZ-kids! So proud of all the hard workers in our class!

Sight Words: do, down
Poem: The Muffin Man
Writing: We spent this week talking about informational writing. This is different from the how-to books that we had been writing. Instead of writing steps of how to do something; this time we are teaching our reader about a topic. The informational writing checklist was introduced to help students remember the parts that they need to include in their writing. We also used informational level readers to help us spark ideas for our informational writing.

Math: This week we introduced a new math skill; solve addition story problems. We used paper cut-outs and manipulatives to help us solve story problems whole group. The kiddos had lots of fun helping me come up with story problems on their own too.

Content: This week we learned all about the weather. We started the week off by watching a short video clip about the different kinds of weather and made a list of weather words. On Tuesday we talked about wind and how you can't see wind, but you can see the effects of wind. We used feathers to show what wind is like. We also worked on a weather flip book showing the cause and effect of weather. Cause and effect was a skill that we had previously talked about during writing and the kids did an awesome job with it!

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