Week in Review: January 27


Poem: I Have a Little Wagon
Sight Words: in, it

We read a 100th day of school poem and guessed how many letters made up our poem. We counted and found out that there were 100 letters!!

This week in writing we talked about feelings and discussed how we can use feelings as a way to end our true stories. We read the story "How I Feel" and brainstormed a list of feelings. Then as a class we added an ending to a story I previously made.

We did so many things with 100, since Thursday was the 100th day of school. We looked for numbers around the room to match the numbers on a 100's chart. Once all the squares were colored in the kids had a secret message; which was the number 100.

We loved celebrating the 100th day of school in kindergarten!

We had lots of fun with the 100th day of school this week. We used the aging booth app to transform the kids to look as if they were 100 years old. They then wrote about something that they would still be able to do when they are 100.

We also played "Would You Rather" during our morning meeting. Each kid drew 2 cards and they had to choose which one they would rather have. There were lots of cards and the kids had lots of fun choosing which one they'd rather have!

We also made a 100 gumball craft. We used q-tips to paint 100 dots in our gumball machine. We made 10 dots using 10 different colors of paint.

We also had a Hershey kiss hunt. Each Hershey kiss had a number on the bottom 1-100. Once we found a Hershey kiss we matched it to that number on the hundreds chart. We continued the hunt until every number had been found. We had so much fun!

Thanks to the help of our parents we had items to make our 100th day of school chex mix. We counted out 10 of each item and put them in a circle on our mat. Then we combined all the items in a Baggie and enjoyed our snack!

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