Week in Review: February 2

Sight Words: make, play
Poem: Hide-and-Seek

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Reading Strategy:
Accuracy: We practiced clapping the number of syllables that are in words. We clapped words like dog that only has 1 syllable and we clapped words like watermelon that has 4 syllables! We used picture cards and our own names for what to count the syllables in.

We talked this week about what gets a capital letter. We used the anchor chart to show the many different things that get a capital letter in our writing. Before today the only thing that we capitalized was the word at the beginning of the sentence. Now we know that names of people, places, and pets get capitalized as well as months, days of the week, holidays, and the word "I".

In math we worked more with subtraction. We first reviewed how to subtract using manipulatives. If you have 4 bears and take away 3, how many bears do you have left? This week we added another way to subtract; using a number line. This was tricky at first, but with practice we got better as the week progressed. For example if you have 3-2, when using a number line you start at 3 and make 2 "humps" backwards, which shows you that the answer is 1.

We learned all about fairy tales this week. We first looked at an anchor chart that explained what a fairy tale is. The throughout the week we listened to stories and determined what made each one a fairy tale. Stories that we read include: The Three Little Pigs, Jack and The Beanstalk, Goldilocks and The Three Bears, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig.

On Tuesday we listened to Jack and The Beanstalk and saw that the giant left us a message! Our job was to explore the room and find things that were longer and shorter than his footprint that was left behind. After exploring, we met back at the carpet and shared the things that were longer and shorter and even the same size! The kids did great measuring the room!

We also saved our milk cartons from lunch and used them to reconstruct the story of The Three Little Pigs. We painted the carton brown and then on each side put construction paper to show the different materials that the three little pigs used in the story. This was then used as a prop to retell the story to a friend.
Thanks to rainbowswithinreach for such a fun idea!

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