Week in Review: February 18

We worked on a new fluency strategy: read with expression. I read stories with excitement and worked on reading not too fast and not too slow, but just right.

We also started a new Work on Writing response page. I modeled the page with a story we had read earlier in the week called "One-Dog Canoe". When working on this page, each student is encouraged to write the title at the top and write a sentence about the story. After writing their sentence in pencil they then draw a picture to match their words.

Poem: My Little Sister
Sight Word: she, all

YouTube Video

This week we continued working on how-to books. I modeled writing a how-to book during whole group with help from the kids. I wrote 3 steps of how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I talked about using transition words such as first, next, and last.

We spent time during the week decomposing numbers in more than one way. For an example, using a number bond students show that 2 and 3 make 5 as well as 4 and 1 make 5. We also practiced counting including counting to 75, counting by 10's, and counting on from a given number. We started counting at 23, 14, and 9.

This week we talked about dental health. We were lucky to have Miss Carrie come and talk to us about ways we can keep our teeth healthy. She showed us how to brush and floss our teeth. On Friday we made our teeth craft. First we wrote down one way that we keep our teeth healthy. Then we used mini marshmallows as teeth to glue onto our mouth.

We also watched a video that showed us the importance of keeping our teeth healthy. We practiced brushing in circles with a toothbrush on a tooth with sugar bugs.

YouTube Video

ABC of Ag Days:
On Thursday we went to McCutcheon High School for ABC of Ag days. The kids were able to see and pet lots of animals, plant a corn seed, and sit on a tractor. We had so much fun exploring the "farm"!

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