Week in Review: February 10

This week we went back to review main idea and supporting details. You can practice this skill at home when reading a story and asking what was the story mostly about. We also worked on rhyming words by using the pocket app to determine the rhyming word.

Sight words: good, said
Poem: Come Skating

YouTube Video

This week we introduced How-To books. We have spent the majority of the year writing true stories but are now going to write for a different reason. We started by reading the story "My First Soccer Game". This author informed us of the game of soccer as well as gave us steps of how to do certain things while playing soccer. The author told us how to make a goal and how to dribble the ball within the story. We then made a list of things that we believe we are really good at. These are things that we could teach someone else how to do. We made a great list and we could have kept going!

We also wrote about hugs and kisses for valentines day. Each kiddo had to write if they liked getting hugs or kisses from their family and why. The majority of our class likes getting kisses!

We added a new choice to number work this week. It is the number of the day. We do this during calendar, now we have added it as an independent choice.

We have also been using the iPad during math to work on addition and other skills.

We talked about presidents including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We watched a video on Monday that explained what the president does. We learned a lot from it. We also read a story about Abraham Lincoln before making our Abe Lincoln craft. We learned that Abe is on the 5 dollar bill, he was the 16th president, and that he was the tallest president among other things.

Because Valentine's day was also during this week, we spent some time preparing for that. We made our bags for our valentines at the party as well as graphing our valentine m&m's. Each kiddo received an individual package of m&m's to use to graph how many of each color they got. They then had to determine what color they had the most of and what color they had the least of. Then at the end, they were able to enjoy their m&m's!

We also played a minute it to win it game. Each kiddo had to put a cookie on their forehead and get it to their mouth without using their hands. It was funny to watch others! We also decorated cookies with icing and sprinkles. So many sprinkles!

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