Week of November 18

We have added a few activities this week to Math with Someone. The first activity is an addition matching game. The goal is to match the addition card with the same number of dots.

Sight Word: This week our sight words were are and now. We even made "are" pirate hats to reinforce the use of the word.

We talked about spaghetti and meatball spaces this week during writing. We use spaghetti spaces in between letters of words and meatball spaces in between words in sentences. We used our own meatball spaces while writing to make our writing easy to read. We also added more words to the word wall. We added color words and other words that we use often in our writing.

Nocturnal Animals:
We spent the week talking about nocturnal animals, which are animals that sleep during the day. We categorized nocturnal and diurnal animals and specifically learned about owls. After making a tree map, we made an owl ornament craft. We learned so much about nocturnal animals.

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